Часто употребляемые английские фразовые глаголы с переводом и примерами

Английские фразовые глаголы с переводом и примерами


be off (1) отменить The lead singer of ‘The Rolling Beatles’ pop group is ill, so tonight’s concert is off.
be off (2) испортиться ( о еде) The egg is off.
be over закончиться The storm is over; it has stopped raining and the sun is shining.
be taken aback быть ошеломленным, пораженным Jeff was taken aback when he opened the door and discovered an elephant.
beat up избить They beat up Fred.
blow up (1) взорвать Mr Trent hated his house, so he blew it up with dynamite and built a new one instead.
blow up (2) надуть (что-то) Uncle Joe blew up the balloons.
break down (1) сломаться Tom’s car broke down on the way to the airport, and he had to get a taxi.
break down (2) потерять самообладание Alec broke down and cried when his mother died.
break into проникнуть Last night a burglar broke into my house and stole my television set.
break off прекращать, прерваться They have broken off peace talks.
break out разразиться , вспыхнуть The Second World War broke out on 3 September, 1939.
break out in покрыться (сыпью) Kyril broke out in spots this morning.
break up (1) разводиться, распадаться The Greens’ marriage broke up in 1985 after only two years.
break up (2) прервать The headmaster broke up the fight between Roger and Clive.
bring up воспитывать заботиться Aunt Jane brought four children up.
brush up восстановить (знания) Frank must brush up his French.
burn down сжечь My house burned down last night. In the morning it was just a pile of ashes.
call off отменить, переносить The Football Association called off the match.
calm down успокоиться My father was very angry and it took him ten minutes to calm down.
carry out выполнить , осуществить He carried out his orders.
catch on cтать модным David’s new hair-style is catching on.
check in пройти регистрацию Jack checked in at the hotel.
cheer up взбодриться The good news cheered Jack up.
come across случайно наткнуться A lucky tramp came across a wallet full of money as he was walking down the street.
come into вступать (в наследство) Peter came into a fortune when his father died.
come round/come to приходить в сознание James fainted when the air-conditioning stopped working. Two of his colleagues took care of him until he came round
come up with придумать He came up with the idea.
cut down on снизить Peter cut down on cigarettes.
cut off отключить, разъединить The operator cut off their call.
die out вымереть The great dinosaurs died out millions of years ago.
do up (1) чинить, ремонтировать Let’s do the lounge in our new flat up.
do up (2) застегнуть It was a very cold day, so Brian did up all the buttons on his overcoat.
drop in заглянуть, заскочить Laura dropped in to see Lynn.
drop off (1) высаживать David drove his wife, Sue, into town and dropped her off at the cinema.
drop off (2) заснуть John sat in his favourite armchair and dropped off. Five minutes later, his young son came into the room and woke him.
drop out выбыть Sam dropped out of the race because he felt tired and ill.
fall out ссориться George and Sam went out for dinner together. The evening ended badly because they fell out over who should pay the bill.
fall through провалиться (надежды) Eric’s plan to go on a skiing holiday fell through because he broke his leg.
fill in заполнить It took me an hour to fill in the form.
find out выяснить He didn’t know the number of the platform so he
get away удрать The prisoner got away from his guards and ran into the forest.
get away with сбежать Jack got away with the bank robbery.
get over поправиться Sam has got over his operation and expects to leave
get round (1) обойти (проблему) Brian and Dan couldn’t move the wardrobe because it was too heavy. They got round the problem by putting the wardrobe on a trolley and pushing it.
get round (2) уговорить Tim wanted some sweets, but his father told him they were bad for his teeth. After five minutes of persuasion, Tim managed to get round his father and they both went into the sweet shop.
get through (1) дозвониться (справиться) I tried, but I couldn’t get through.
get through (2) завершить Roger had a lot of work to do yesterday, but he got through it all by five o’clock.
give (oneself) up (1) сдаться The police surrounded the criminal’s house and ordered him to give himself up. After a few minutes he came out and they took him to the police station.
give in сдаться The fight between Tom and Dick stopped when Tom hurt his hand and had to give in.
give out раздать, обнародовать The teacher gave out the books, so that the pupils could read the story.
give up (2) оставить попытки One day a hungry dog saw a bunch of juicy grapes hanging from a vine. The dog tried very hard to get the grapes, but it couldn’t jump high enough to reach them. After ten frustrating minutes, the dog gave up the attempt and walked home angrily.
give up (3) отказаться Howard decided to give up cigarettes after seeing a poster on the dangers of smoking.
go down спадать (опухоль) Phil’s cheek became swollen because he had a bad toothache. The dentist treated his bad tooth and his swollen cheek soon went down.
go for наброситься The dog went for Joe and hurt his arm.
go off взорваться Many people were killed when the bomb went off.
go through обшарить When Ben entered this country, a custom’s officer went through his suitcase. The officer took all of Ben’s clothes out of his suitcase and looked at them very carefully.
go with подходить Striped trousers go with a striped jacket.
grow up взрослеть Joe has grown up.
hold on подождать (у телефона) George phoned his office because he wanted some information. ‘Hold on a minute and I’ll get it for you,’ said his assistant.
hold up (1) останавливать задерживать The traffic was held up for a few hours because of an accident that blocked the road.
hold up (2) ограбить Earlier today a masked robber with a gun held up the bank and escaped with a hundred thousand pounds.
lay off уволить (временно) Last year the manager of Bloggs Ltd laid off a hundred workers because business was very bad.
let down разочароваться Julia promised to meet Rick outside the cinema at eight o’clock, but she let him down. He waited for two hours and then he went home angrily.
let off простить помиловать The judge let Bill off going to prison.
let out освободить They let Fred out of prison after five years.
look after присматривать You should look after your new shoes.
look back вспоминать I enjoy looking back on the old times.
look down on смотреть свысока Sir Douglas is a very rich aristocrat. Fred is a very poor tramp. Sir Douglas thinks that he is a much better person than Fred — he looks down on Fred.
look for искать Fred wanted to open his front door but he couldn’t find his key. He looked for it everywhere. ‘It’s in one of my pockets,’ he thought.
look forward to предвкушать Bill is looking forward to next year.
look into изучать The police are looking Into the death of Mr James. They want to know how he was murdered. They are looking at the evidence and asking lots of questions. They want to find the murderer.
look over тщательно проверить (изучить) Joe wanted to buy a second-hand car. ‘That one looks good,’ he said to the salesman. ‘Give me some time to look it over. If it’s in good condition, I’ll buy it.’
look round осмотреть They looked round the house.
look up искать в справочнике He looked up the word.
look up to восхищаться Young Jimmy’s favourite footballer is Ted Ross of Arsenal. Jimmy looks up to Ted and he tries to be like him.
make out (1) понять разглядеть разобрать He couldn’t make out the thing on the horizon.
make out (2) выписать (счет, чек) I made out a cheque for ten pounds.
make up (1) мириться Yesterday Joan and Jack had a big argument about politics. Earlier today they decided to forget their differences and make up.
make up (2) выдумать сочинить Colin overslept and was late for work. It was the third time he had overslept that month, so he decided to make up an excuse. He told his boss that the engine of his car had exploded.
make up for компенсировать He made up for being late. He made up for it.
mistake for принять (за что-то) I mistook a piece of old rope for a dangerous snake. I saw a piece of old rope and I mistook it for a dangerous snake.
own up признаться, сознаться James owned up to drawing a silly picture of his teacher on the board.
pass away/pass on/pass over отойти в мир иной Fred Bloggs passed away (passed on/passed over) in 1985 after a long illness.
pass out терять сознание When the air-conditioning stopped working, James found it difficult to breathe and passed out.
pick up подбрасывать Jeff picked up the hitchhiker.
point out указать My uncle showed me the building he used to work in and he pointed out his old office on the sixth floor.
put (someone) off (2) отвлекать Ron was trying to read, but the noise from the television put him off and he had to stop.
put forward выдвигать предполагать (идею) He put forward the idea.
put off (1) откладывать Martin was very unhappy when he saw the huge pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen. He felt a little happier after deciding to put off the washing-up until the next day.
put on нацепить, влезть Perry put on his new sweater because he wanted to wear it for work.
put out погасить Steve put out the light in the lounge before going upstairs to bed.
put through соединить по телефону Wait a moment and I’ll put you .through
put up with переносить (страдания) Uncle Mike puts up with their bad behaviour.
run in обкатывать George is running in his new car, so he can’t drive fast.
run into столкнуться (с кем то случайно) I was on my way to work when I ran into Jeremy Thomas. It was a lovely surprise because I hadn’t seen him for a long time.
run out of кончиться Howard has run out of bread, so he can’t make himself a sandwich. If he wants a sandwich, he’ll have to go to the baker’s shop and buy some more bread.
see off провожать Bill arranged to go to Scotland to stay with his grandmother for a few days. His father, Frank, drove him to the railway station and saw him off.
set off отправляться(в путь) Barry set off on his camping holiday at six o’clock in the morning and reached the campsite, in France, at midday.
soak up собрать (губкой воду) The sponge soaked up the spilt milk.
speak up говорить громче She asked you to speak up because she couldn’t hear  you.
stand for означать It stands for the British Broadcasting Corporation.
take after быть похожим (на отца) Mike takes after his grandfather
take down записать When the policeman arrived at the scene of the accident he took down the witness’s statement.
take in обмануть The wolf’s disguise took in the sheep.
take off (1) взлетать At the beginning of a journey an aeroplane takes off. At the end of a journey an aeroplane lands.
take off (2) снять, раздеться Nick took off his jacket because he was feeling very hot.
take over принимать должность от другого Simon took over the manager’s job from Mr Jones when he retired.
take up заняться, браться за что то Tim wanted to take up painting, so he joined an evening class at the local College of Art.
tear up разорвать на клочки Brian tore up the letter.
tell off отругать Howard told his son off for breaking a window with his football.
think over обдумывать размышлять Owen is playing chess with a friend. At the moment he is thinking over his next move.
try on примерять I tried on three hats.
try out проверить Angela saw an advertisement for a new soap powder called ‘Zap’. She decided to try it out because she wanted to see if it was better than her usual soap powder.
turn down отказать (куму то) Jeff was interviewed for the job at Bloggs Ltd but they turned him down because he was too young.
turn into обернуться The beautiful princess kissed the frog and it turned into a handsome prince.
wear off стихать (боль) The pain in Jim’s foot wore off after he look some painkiller.
Wear out (1) износить Paul wore out his jumper.
Wear out (2) выдохнуться Carrying the heavy box across the street wore Fred out. When he got home he went straight to bed.
work out решать (задачку) Jimmy is busy doing his homework. At the moment he is working out the answer to a sum.

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